The markets of A.Latina accompany Wall Street in the way of green results

The main markets of Latin America today ended the day in green, in tune with the good results on Wall Street, its main reference.

Bogota, Nov 16 (EFE) .- The main markets of Latin America today ended the day in green, in line with the good results on Wall Street, its main In the New York ring, the Dow Jones Industrialists, the main indicator, rose 0.80% to 23,458.36 units, the Selective S & P 500 advanced 0.82% and ended at 2.585, points and the Nasdaq rose 1.30% to 6,793.29 integers.

Negotiations for the day were marked by the good results of the Walmart chain and the technology firm Cisco Systems, as well as the tax reform promoted by the US president, Donald Trump.

The bill was approved by the House of Representatives and now the Senate is required to accept the proposal, which has undergone some modifications, when it is put to vote in December, although obstacles are expected to go ahead.

This news left in a second flat the data of the labor market of the country, which was worse than expected, when last week reached 10,000 applications for unemployment benefits, which stood at 249,000 the total, its maximum level in the last month and a half.

The good energy of the results reached Latin America. 72,511 units, after performing operations for 9,265 million reais (about 2,824 million dollars).

In the Mexico round, the Price and Quotation Index (IPC) gained 0.12% and closed at 47,747.69 points, after doing business for 12,212 million Mexican pesos (about 640.3 million dollars).

In Buenos Aires the Merval index increased by 3.54% and remained in 27,244.52 integers, in a session with a financial volume of 865.15 million Argentine pesos (about 49.47 million dollars).

Likewise, the IPSA of the Santiago stock exchange appreciated 0.77% and ended in 5,314.53 units, after movements for 239,141,616,617 Chilean pesos (about 378.98 million dollars).

In the Colombian region the index of capitalization (Colcap) rose 0.42% to 1,436.59 points, after an exchange of papers for 121,846.93 million Colombian pesos (about 40.4 million dollars).

On the other side, the S & P / BVL Peru General index fell 0.21% to 19,385.70 integers, with an amount of 17,125,807 soles (about 5,271,101 dollars).

Montevideo closed without variation percentage and with 115.75 units, after a purchase and sale of securities for 55,698,408 Uruguayan pesos (about 1,888,558 dollars).

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the Next:

Market Closing Points

SAO PAULO +2.38% 72.511

MEXICO +0.12% 47.747,69


SANTIAGO +0,77% 5,314.53

COLOMBIA +0.42% 1,436.59

LIMA -0.21% 19.385, 115.75