Argentina admits the offer in the street of legal currency exchange

The Argentine Central Bank decided today to allow the offer in the public highway of services to change currencies in legal form, informed official sources.

Buenos Aires, Nov 23 (EFE) .- The Argentine Central Bank decided today to allow the offer on the public highway of services to legally change currencies, informed sources official.

The measure was adopted by the board of the monetary authority, which from now on will allow houses and exchange agencies to offer on the street the realization of currency exchange operations.

As reported by the Argentine Central Bank in a statement, the promoters of the exchange bureaus must have a dress or identifying sign that Indicate your link to the house or agency in question.

These promoters may carry out exchange operations directly on public roads or offer the services of the entity would change so that they can be made later in one of their premises.

Until now, legal transactions of this type only took place inside banks and money exchange offices, although in the streets have always been people who informally offer currency exchange and are popularly known as "saplings."

The Central Bank argued that with this measure seeks "facilitate the access of tourists and the general public to legal exchange operations".

"The legal activity of change is very underdeveloped in Argentina, with only 16 houses and 20 exchange agencies, in comparison, for example, with Peru (1,242 forex traders, 1,045 exchange houses) or Colombia (1,436 exchange professionals), "the statement said.