Examiners will continue to strike in December due to the "disloyalty" of DGT

The traffic examiners will keep during December the strike they have been following since last June in view of "the disloyalty, disrespect and lack of consideration" of the director General of Traffic, Gregorio Serrano, according to the president of the group, Joaquín Jiménez.

Madrid, November 23 (EFE) .- The traffic examiners will maintain during December the strike that they have been following since last June in the face of "disloyalty, lack of respect and lack of Consideration "of the general director of Traffic, Gregorio Serrano, according to the president of the collective, Joaquín Jiménez, told Efe.

That has been the reaction of the examiners, grouped in the association Asextra, to the press conference that gave Serrano on Tuesday in which he reported the offers launched by the DGT to unclog the conflict that has caused the suspension of 193,000 tests throughout Spain.

Serrano did not consider the negotiations to be broken, but said that the situation has reached "the limit" due to the "null" intention of the examiners to approach positions, so it announced that, to continue the stoppages in December, half of the minimum services will be decreed, while the incorporation of new ones will be accelerated officials.

For examiners that press conference broke the open negotiation process and for which, as Jiménez said, they were weighing "give a break" in December thinking about citizenship.

As he said, while they were waiting for an answer to his offer, the general director acted in a "disloyal" manner and broke the approach. there was a negotiation, although we were distant, "he added.

Therefore, in December the strike will continue on the same terms as hitherto: every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

In addition, Asextra will file an administrative appeal if Traffic confirms that it sets 50% minimum services.

Jiménez has argued that Traffic exams are not an essential service, so there is no need to establish these minimums, as evidenced by the fact that Traffic has not done so until now.

He recalled the president of Asextra that the strike does not affect two days of each week and that the rest of the days is being followed by 60% of the workforce.