The EC presents a website on taxation with games for the youngest

The European Commission (EC) has launched a website on taxation with videos, educational material and a game on the management of public finances to raise awareness among the new generations issues related to taxes, reported today the community executive.

Brussels, Nov 20 (EFE). - The European Commission (EC) has launched a web page on taxation with videos, educational material and a game on the management of public finances for to raise awareness about tax issues among the new generations, informed the community executive today.

The digital portal, called TAXEDU, seeks to educate children on the purpose of taxes and how they affect daily life, in addition to stimulating the current debate on fair taxation, following the latest circumvention scandals published in the media of communication.

The digital resource has virtual learning tools ("e-learning") in different official languages �??�??of the Union, games, videos and educational material for the use of teachers in schools.

Thus, in the video game "Taxlandia", Internet users must manage public finances and make decisions about tax collection and Spending.

"Through online games, young people can learn in a fun way how their schools, swimming pools and recreation areas are financed and how they will also one day help build public services through taxes ", said in a statement the European Commissioner for Economic Affairs, Pierre Moscovici.

The French politician was convinced that TAXEDU, a joint initiative of the European Parliament and the Commission in which the tax authorities of the Member States have participated, will "raise awareness on tax issues between the young population ".

The platform comes to light weeks after the publication of the" Paradise Papers ", about the activities of public figures in opaque territories, and that the Moscovici himself insisted on publishing the list of the European Union on tax havens before the end of the year.

The Ministers of Economy and Finance of the Twenty-eight also they supported in the council of this month advance in the elaboration of the list, with the aim of having it prepared for December.