Macrón asks the EU to supply the funds that the US

French President Emmanuel Macron today called on the European Union at the climate summit in Bonn (COP23) to replace the financing that the United States has withdrawn to the intergovernmental panel of climate change experts (IPCC) to guarantee their scientific reports.

Bonn (Germany), Nov 15 (EFE) .- French President Emmanuel Macron today called on the European Union at the Bonn climate summit (COP23) to replace the financing that the United States has retired to the intergovernmental panel of experts on climate change (IPCC, for its acronym in English) to ensure their scientific reports.

Macron began his speech at COP23 recalling that the scientific community "has for decades sent warning signals to the governments of how the burning of fossil fuels leads to a climate change with terrible impacts, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable people. "

The highest climate change science body created by the United Nations in 1988 to collect the best science available on climate change, the IPCC, "is threatened because the United States has taken away the funding, so I ask Europe to fill this gap, and I confirm that France will fulfill its part", he said.

"I would like a good number of European countries to do the same and compensate for what the United States has stopped giving, so that the IPCC has the funding it needs to continue working in 2018. "He added.

The United States had been contributing about two million dollars (1.7 million euros) to the modest budget of the IPCC, as hundreds of prestigious climate scientists who prepare their reports do not charge for doing so, so the departure is mainly intended to organize meetings of researchers and pay the production of his reports.

Macron pointed out that climate scientists - to whom US President Donald Trump does not give credit - "have told us that we have crossed a point of no return, and we are feeling the impacts everywhere. Paris "is a starting point, but you have to increase your ambition and make stronger commitments or, otherwise, many of the countries that are present here simply do not you will survive. "

" So that does not happen, we are here in this political negotiation that should be based on the constantly updated scientific information provided by the IPCC ", he added.

Macrón related his priorities to fight against climate change: supporting interconnections in Europe, promoting renewable energy; about 30 euros (35 dollars) per ton, that changes behaviors in the investors; one last promise: "we will not negotiate with countries less ambitious than us in the fight against climate change". summit on climate finance that it organizes in December in the French capital coinciding with the second anniversary of the Paris Agreement.

In addition, Macrón stressed that his Executive is "obsessed with reducing CO2 emissions from France", and to do so, they will close all coal plants in 2021, ban the most polluting vehicles, invest in massive way in energy rehabilitation of buildings and show their solidarity with the most vulnerable countries by being generous in climate finance. "