Wall Street opens lower and the Dow Jones yields 0.29%

Wall Street opened today to the downside and the Dow Jones Industrial, its main indicator, gave 0.29% after the last record of the Nasdaq index and pending reform fiscal in the United States.

New York, Nov 17 (EFE) .- Wall Street opened lower today and the Industrial Dow Jones, its main indicator, gave 0.29% after the last historical record of the Nasdaq index and pending the fiscal reform in the United States.

Half an hour after the beginning of the session that index yielded 68.24 points to 23,390.12 integers, while the selective S & P 500 remained 0.14% to 2,582.02 units and the Nasdaq Composite Index dropped 0.10% to 6,786.48 points.

The operators in the New York trading floor were betting on sales moderate since the first stages of the day, one day after the new historic maximum reached by the Nasdaq and pending the parliamentary processing of the reform fiscal.

After its approval on Thursday by the House of Representatives, now all eyes are on the bill of tax reform that continues negotiating in the Senate, where more obstacles are expected.

Almost all sectors on Wall Street started negative, such as financial (-0.37%), industrial (-0.28%), health (-0.21%), technology (-0.15%), energy (-0.13%) or raw materials (-0.11%).

Coca- Dow Jones, ahead of Walmart (-1.43%), JPMorgan (-0.74%), Goldman Sachs (-0.66%), Apple (-0.64%), Visa (-0.59%) percentage Intel (-0.58%), United Technologies (-0.53%) and Microsoft (-0.52%), while only rose Nike (3.74%), Cisco Systems (1.11%), (0.21%) and Home Depot (0.10%).

In other markets, Texas oil rose to 55.85 dollars, gold advanced to 1,285.7 dollars, the profitability of to 2.488% and the dollar lost ground against the euro, which changed to $ 1,1795.