The Uruguayan government intervenes to the footballers union and dismisses directors

The Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) of Uruguay today decided to intervene the Mutual Uruguayan Professional Soccer Players (MUFP) and dismiss the current directors, after the union did not allow to hold the assembly that had as purpose the removal of the leadership dome.

Montevideo, Nov 15 (EFE) .- The Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC) of Uruguay decided today to intervene to the Mutual Uruguayan Professional Soccer Players (MUFP) and dismiss the current executives, after the union did not allow holding the assembly that had as its aim the removal of the top leadership.

This was reported on Wednesday by the Uruguayan Presidency, which He picked up statements from MEC deputy minister, Edith Moraes.

The decision of the State portfolio - on which all civil associations and foundations depend - was taken after the assembly set last November 13.

There, the president of the MUFP, Enrique Saravia, decided to give the meeting finalized and argued that the points to be discussed in the assembly, between the that was the removal of the directive, they were not going to be possible to vote.

The local players, grouped under the collective More United Than Never (MUQN), have more than ten months in conflict with the Mutual, since they understand that their authorities do not watch over the rights of their associates.

This last one led to the fact that on October 19 the players decided make a strike, which kept the official football activity in Uruguay for 15 days.

For the last assembly, the MEC appointed two veedores, who prepared a report and They referred to the direction of Constitutional and Legal Affairs of the Ministry, according to detailed Moraes.

With this material, in addition to the filming of the meeting, the MEC found "new elements "to make the decision to intervene to the MUFP.

The measure was claimed in recent months by the players of the MUQN, although so far had not had success.

Moraes, who is acting as interim minister of the MEC in the absence of María Julia Muñoz, announced that her portfolio decided on Wednesday "to proceed with the intervention (of the Mutual) with displacement of authorities. "

In this way, Saravia and the rest of the leaders of the MUFP must leave their position, once the MEC formalizes the decision through of a ministerial resolution.

According to Moraes, this document will be ready this Thursday, when "it will be officialized (the measure) and will proceed to designate the people who will act as intervenors. "

" The intervening action will take a while. we can know at this moment, "the vice minister said.