Mexicans flood shopping centers in search of the best prices

In the absence of more than a month for Christmas, thousands of Mexicans flood the shopping centers in search of gifts at low prices. greater discounts of the year.

Mexico, Nov 17 (EFE) .- In the absence of more than a month for Christmas, thousands of Mexicans flood the shopping centers in search of gifts at low prices. weekend with the biggest discounts of the year.

From today until next Monday, many early risers so that their pockets can save the maximum money, as is the case of Danae, who went into a large warehouse this morning in the neighborhood of Polanco and left three hours later crowded with five televisions and several computers.

"We have taken the opportunity to buy the Christmas gifts ", explained Danae, after saving more than 2,000 pesos (106 dollars) for each television.

The traditional traffic jams of the Mexican capital moved today inside the shopping malls and the department stores, where circulating with the shopping carts meant great difficulties due to the great influx of people.

However, the boxes work at full capacity to try to speed up purchases.

Eugenia was very satisfied because she had to wait "a short time" to be able to take her new television to a price "affordable and accessible", and declared a unconditional this weekend of discounts on products and services.

"Since the 'Good End' started I have tried to take advantage of after a year the offers there are, "he said.

The" Good End "was implemented for the first time in 2011 through the collaboration of the public and business sectors, which established a program of ambitious discounts to encourage a consumer party that coincides with the American "Black Friday".

Eugenia works in a construction company that participates in the project of the new capital airport and, along with three colleagues from work, took the morning off to fill three carts with appliances that will be drawn in the Christmas raffle of his company.

"Consoles, blenders, ironing machines and other objects at a 30% discount", said Eugenia, who acknowledged that the "Good End" is already a tradition in its company.

Something similar happens in the work of Javier, who explained that each year they embark on a route through different shopping centers in order to "buy many gifts for the employees and take advantage of the promotions "in vacuum cleaners, kitchen equipment and touch screens.

However, Javier confessed that he does not usually make purchases during the" Good End "since it does not find enough discounts on some products like furniture, so it will wait until December or January" when this euphoria has dropped ".

And it is not all the The world communes with this weekend's consumption party. discounts on basic products. Mexico declared last month that the "Good End 2017" campaign would be "key" for the reactivation of the economy of the areas affected by the earthquakes this year. influx of buyers, it seems that this objective could be fulfilled.