Lula says that Latin America defeated neoliberalism and that it will do it again

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said that Latin American countries have once defeated neoliberalism and will do so again, in a voice message that was spread today in Montevideo as part of a massive march for democracy.

Montevideo, Nov 16 (EFE) .- The former president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, said that the countries of Latin America have once defeated neoliberalism and that they will do it again, in a voice message that was broadcast today in Montevideo as part of a massive march for democracy.

"In all our countries we have already defeated the neoliberal project once and for all. I have no doubt that we will be able to defeat him again, "said Lula, who at first was going to participate in person in this" Continental Meeting for democracy and against the neoliberalism "that is carried out today in the Uruguayan capital but canceled days before his visit.

" We will continue fighting in Brazil, in Uruguay and throughout Latin America, strengthened by the magnificent mobilization ", added the Brazilian exmandatario.

Lula said that the Latin American countries fought together" to defeat the military dictatorships of the continent "and" the disastrous of the neoliberal governments of the 80s and 90s "and that managed to defeat them.

" Union movements, social movements and progressive parties they were building the great popular victories of the last decade. economic, social and cultural transformations conquering an unprecedented dignity for our people, "he said.

Lula illustrated that Latin America" �??�??happened to speak with one voice sovereign and democratic "in the world and for that reason" powerful interests of foreigners "have now turned against them.

He added that his country lived" a violent blow democracy "with the last year's dismissal for alleged tax irregularities of the ex-president Dilma Rousseff and that her Workers' Party (PT) and the political forces of the leftist movement of Brazil suffers a "systematic persecution".

Lula leads the polls for the upcoming Brazilian elections, to be held in 2018, but may be disqualified in case of second At the instance, the sentence to nine years of jail imposed on him this year was ratified, amid the Petrobras oil company's corruption scandal.

The Brazilian also denounced a "dismantling of the policies of the Kirchner governments in Argentina" and a "brutal siege to the people and the Venezuelan Government," which "showed that the old and new faces of neoliberalism demand a strong resistance ".

" The same goes for the tremendous attacks of right-wing and reactionary from Uruguay, Ecuador and Bolivia, among others, "he continued.

For all this, the "struggles that the trade union movement and social movements are absolutely necessary against neoliberalism, national conservative forces and against regression."

"In defense of our sovereignty and of autonomous, participatory and solidary forms of integration will not allow authoritarianism to prevail again in the continent, "he said.