Latin American stock markets turn green next to Wall Street records

The bags of Latin America were dyed green today following the records of Wall Street that ended at levels never seen in its three referents.

Bogota, Nov 21 (EFE) .- The Latin American stock exchanges were dyed green today following the Wall Street records that ended at levels never seen in their three referents.

The Dow Jones de Industriales, the main indicator of the New York ring, rose 0.69% and ended at 23,590.83 points, the selective S & P 500 advanced 0.65% to 2,599.03 units and the Nasdaq index shot up 1.06% to 6,862.48 whole, the three at levels never seen.

Operators in the New York parquet bet on purchases throughout the day driven by the technological sector, in a session in which the S & P 500 achieved for the first time in its history momentarily overcome the barrier of 2,600 points.

Intermediate oil of Texas (WTI), US benchmark, rose 0.72% and closed at $ 56.83 a barrel, while Brent, benchmark in Europe, closed today on the London futures market at $ 62.61, a 0.67% more than at the end of the previous session.

Thus, the Latin American markets followed the green trend of Wall Street.

The Sao Paulo Stock Exchange advanced on 1 of the day and its Ibovespa index, reference of the parquet, stood at 74,594 points, after a turnover in the Sao Paulo stock exchange that reached 13,557 million reais (about 4.17 billion dollars).

The main indicator of the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV), the Price and Quotation Index (CPI), gained 0.69% and closed at 48,185.71, an exchange of papers for 13,815 million Mexican pesos (735.2 million dollars).

The Merval index of the shares of the leading companies listed on the Stock Exchange of Buenos Aires closed with a rise of 0.54%, to 27,274.43 whole, after a sale of 619.08 million pesos (35.41 million dollars).

The Stock Exchange it had an increase of 2.69% in its main index, the IPSA, which closed at 5,212.61 points, after totaling shares for 136,559,254,294 pesos (about 214.71 million dollars).

Colombia advanced 0.15% in its capitalization index (Colcap), which closed at 1,448.48 units, in a day in which securities were traded for 110,104.88 million Colombian pesos (about 45.56 million dollars).

The S & P / BVL Peru General index closed at 19,766.71, after registering a rise of 0.94%, after a volume of securities for 41,242,862 (equivalent to 12,721,426 dollars) in 743 operations.

Finally, the Global Bonds index of the Montevideo Stock Exchange (BVMBG), gained 0.05% and stood at 115.84. after a total of operations for 102,410,047 Uruguayan pesos (3,484,424 dollars).

The evolution of the Latin American stock exchanges was the following:


SAO PAULO +1.58% 74.594

MEXICO +0.69% 48.185,71

BUENOS AIRES +0.54% 27.274,43 < 5,512.61

COLOMBIA +0.15% 1,448.48

LIMA +0,94% 19,766.71

MONTEVIDEO +0.05% 115,