Japan registered a trade surplus of 2,166 million euros in October

Japan registered a trade surplus of 285,400 million yen (2,166 million euros / 2,544 million dollars) in October, less than half of that registered the previous month, reported Today the Government.

Tokyo, Nov 20 (EFE) .- Japan registered a trade surplus of 285.4 billion yen (2.166 billion euros / 2.544 billion dollars) in October, less than half of that registered on previous month, the government reported today.

The surplus was 40.7 percent lower than in October of last year, and was the fifth consecutive positive balance for the third economy world, according to data published by the Ministry of Finance.

Exports advanced 14% year-on-year to 6.69 trillion yen (50.785 million euros / 50.785 million of dollars), while imports rose 18.9% to 6.40 trillion yen (48.584 billion euros / 57.070 billion dollars).

By countries, Japan registered with China, its largest trading partner, a deficit of 265.68 billion yen (2.369 billion euros / 2.017 billion dollars), 22.5% less year-on-year.

With the world's first economy and its second commercial partner, the United States, Japan obtained a positive balance of 644,682 million yen (4,896 million euros / 5,750 million dollars), which meant an increase of 11.2 % with respect to the same month of 2016.

With the European Union, its third commercial partner, Japan reduced its deficit by 68.6% to 50,321 million yen (382 million euros / 448 millions of dollars).

With Brazil and Chile, the Asian country registered negative balances of 33,567 million yen (254 million euros / 299 million dollars) and 41,448 million yen (314 million euros / 369 million dollars), which implies increases of 13.7% and 69.6%, respectively.

On the other hand, Japan achieved a surplus with Mexico by value of 43,497 million yen (330 million euros / 387 million dollars), 18.2% lower than the same month of a year earlier.